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Welcome to The Genealogy Bug web site!

Please feel free to save family photos and documents for use in your own genealogy research or your non-profit website (if you are posting them to or another for-profit site, please provide a link back to this site.) If you have a genealogy website that you would like us to include a link to (one back to us would be nice as well!) send us the link for our links page. People search engines contain a lot of misinformation and we find them intrusive on those still living, so we will not include them in our links section.

Please keep in mind that we are not professional genealogists, but we do our best to verify information through Census Records, Birth & Death Certificates, Family Bibles, interviews with family members, grave stones, and any other historical documents/records that we can find. If you have corrections, additions, photos or documents that you would like to share, please feel free to contact us.

NEW! 4/13/14 We are currently working on adding source information to our family trees. If you see "Updated!" next to a surname on our tree index page that means we've added the source information, and possibly additional names, and/or photos as well.

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